Tips on how to host a Gender Reveal party

Gender reveal party

The ideas for a gender reveal party came from, my sister-in-law.  I didn’t want to know the sex of the baby, because it was my first baby and whatever the sex was didn’t matter to me. My mom insisted that it was a good idea to know the sex, so that I could buy things according to the baby’s sex. My sister in-law told me that it would be exciting to have the sex reveal as a surprise, and gave me a couple of ideas on what to do. I spoke to my mom and Abel about it, and they both agreed. I decided to host a family get together, to reveal the sex of the baby. Nobody could know the sex until the party, especially Abel and I.

  1. Choose an honest and hard to crack person to know the sex. Only one person at the party knew the sex of the baby. I told Jennyfer, a cousin of mine, to go with me to the sonogram. Abel, my mom and Jennyfer went with me for my sonogram. Unfortunately only two people could go in with so Jennyfer stayed outside so that Abel and my mom could see the baby. I asked the sonographer to write the sex in a piece of paper and my mom gave it to Jen. I knew there was going to be a lot of pressure on Jennyfer from others to tell them the sex of the baby. I picked her because I knew she could handle the pressure, she is good with secrets and she is also very creative, so I knew she would do a wonderful job.
  2. Preparing the party. My mom helped me with all the decorations. I wanted everything to be blue and pink, to represent the two sexes. Abel wanted a girl, so I bought him a pink polo shirt to represent a girl and I wore a baby blue sweater to represent a boy. The cake was white with pink and blue polka dots and a question mark in the middle. It was a small cake because it was only a few of us. The party was held at my godmother’s house, who is also Jennyfer’s mom. My godmother made punch, and saved some for me without alcohol. We used honeycomb fans to decorate the wall.Games
  3. Make it fun. Me had a couple of games planned to make the night fun for everyone. We made two teams, one for boys and one for girls. As people arrived, we asked them what they thought I was having and according to their answer, we gave them a pink or a blue ribbon. They would also sign their name in a chart, under the team they picked. Before the sex of the baby was revealed, we played another game, in which I would be asked questions about my pregnancy, and my answer would decide whether it was a boy or girl. Each question had two categories, boy or girl. I would put a pink sticker under the girls’ category or a blue sticker under the boys’ category. At the end of the game, we counted the stickers to find out the sex. According to the game I was having a baby boy. We also had a calendar with an envelope. On the calendar, we marked the due date. People would  mark down the day they thought the baby was going to be born,On the calendar. They could pick as many days as they wanted, but each time they voted they had to put a dollar in the envelope. whomever guess the day would win the money in the envelope.
    gender revealcast vote
  4. Sex reveal. Jennyfer had prepared a box and in it was the sex of the baby. The wait was so exciting and nerve-racking. We were all so anxious to know the sex of the baby. I would definitely recommend a gender reveal party to anyone. It was super exciting and an amazing experience.
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