Tips on how to treat and prevent dry lips

treat dry lipsEver since I can remember I have struggled with dry lips. I could never find anything to help my lips from cracking. I love lipsticks, but I usually avoid using them because of my lips. I have tried every lip balm there is, to treat my dry lips.

About a year ago I started to exfoliate my lips, to get rid of the dead and dry skin. I exfoliate my face and my lips twice a week. I use the Sugar Lip Polish by Fresh to exfoliate the lips. I have also used my toothbrush to exfoliate my lips. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about buying the lip polish, but it has really worked for me and I prefer it to my toothbrush. I bought a set by Fresh about a year ago, which had the lip polish, the sugar advance therapy, and two other tinted treatment balms. After I exfoliate my lips, I apply the Sugar advance treatment, to hydrate them. I Truly love the Sugar balms, because besides hydrating my lips they also have SPF 15 in them.

After I brush my teeth in the morning I apply Vaseline lip therapy on my lips, to hydrate them, and prep them for when I want to apply lipstick. When I stay home I apply Vaseline throughout the day. Whenever I go out I use other lip balms, such as the EOS lip balm, Dior addict lip glow in 001, or the Sugar tinted balms. I usually remove the Vaseline to apply lipstick, because Vaseline can be heavy on the lips. I use the EOS balm under my lipstick, but I do always apply Vaseline first.

I keep the little Vaseline jar in my room, so I don’t forget to apply it. I keep the EOS balm, and the Dior lip glows in my purse at all times and leave the Vaseline at home. Hydrating the lips is key in having soft lips. Find the lip balm that works best for you, and remember to exfoliate your lips to remove the dead skin and allow the new skin to the surface.
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