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calendar Learning to manage my time was a lifesaver for me after becoming a mom. In order for me to manage my time wisely and fairly, I plan. I am a fulltime college student and when I’m at home, I have to make time to study, take care of the baby, sometimes cook, and take care of myself, oh wait don’t forget to also spend time with the fiancé. When the baby was born, I had two weeks of class left. Having a newborn baby means sleep deprivation, and on top of everything I had to deal with college. I was taking online classes then. I was lucky to have Abel help with the baby the last two weeks of class.

  1. Life planner: I have a life planner and a large calendar in my room. I use my life planner to plan my whole day, from what I need to study to what I want to cook for dinner, so I know to take the chicken out to defrost. I bought my life planner from Erin Condren online store. I love all the stickers that come with the planner and that I can change the cover and personalized it.
  2. Calendar: I bought the calendar two years ago, and it has been very useful to me. I use my calendar mostly for school.The calendar I own is from the target, but any calendar would do. I write in the calendar the due dates for my homework, projects and assignment. I also write appointments and days I have off from school, that way I can easily see it, without looking into my planner.
  3.  Reminders: I also write reminders on my phone to remember things that need to be done at a specific time. such medications, appointments, or simply to remind me to buy groceries on my way home.
    time management

I use every bit of time off to the fullest. When I’m on the train, on my way home, I usually take that time to read for school. If I don’t have any assignments, I use that time on myself. I have an hour and thirty minutes break before my afternoon classes begin, and I take advantage of that time to make appointments, do homework, read (I have to read a lot for school), and eat. On the days that I get home earlier, I usually do the projects that take longer to do. Fridays are my day off from school, and that’s when I sleep in longer, write on my blog, and take care of myself. I try to deal with most of the schoolwork on the days that I attend school, to have Fridays free. On most Sundays I make Lexandry’s baby food and clean the apartment.

During the day, I try to make time for everyone individually, even though it’s difficult to do so. When I cook, I barely have time to spend with the baby. When I’m with the baby I barely have time to do anything else, until he falls asleep. Weekends are my favorite because I have time to spend with everyone and to do other things while the baby is with my mom or Abel. On a weeknight, I take out the clothes and accessories for the next day and also prepare Lexandry’s baby bag for the next day.

I am very lucky to have my mom and Abel to help with the baby and the house; otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to do it all. Try to find a management technique that best fits your schedule and possibilities’. Remember to always give your love one’s time to cultivate the relationship, and to take care of yourself.time management

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