The best of Los Angeles in one day


I had always dreamed of going to Los Angeles, California and on our summer vacation to Las Vegas, I took advantage of how close we were to LA. It took us three hours to get to Los Angeles and it was a one-day trip back and forth. Lexandry was 2 months and got a bit cranky from all the traveling.


Our first stop was to the Hollywood sign. We did not have time to climb the Hollywood sign, but we did see it from far. The view was beautiful and the weather was perfect. I made sure to apply sunscreen on Lexandry before heading out. I also putted a hat on Lexandry to protect him from the sun.

After the sign we went to grab something to eat at Red Robins. There are Red Robins in New York, but none close to us and I am a burger lover.

walt disney

Next we went to the walk of fame in Los Angeles. It reminded me of New York Time Square, with the tourist and the big flashy signs. There also seem to be a lot of diversity in LA.

Santa Monica

After the walk of fame we were really tired of walking, but we still had one more stop, Santa Monica Pier. The beach was cold so we did not get in the water. Abel and I walked on the beach for about 45 minutes before heading back to Las Vegas.

Sun set

The trip was tiring but I do not regret it. I hope to go back after the baby is older he gets to enjoy it better.



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