Teddy Bear themed Photo shoot for babies

I think teddy bears represent the softness, sweetness, and innocence of babies, that is why I decided for teddy bears to be the theme of my babyshower. My mom and I thought it would be fun to use the teddy bears left from my babyshower for a photo shoot.After Lexandry’s first photo shoot, my mom and I thought it would be fun to assign a theme for each month.We usually look at Pinterest as a source for poses and themes. IMG_2781

IMG_2796My mom is usually the one to set up the stage, and I take the pictures. The bear ears hat is from Etsy, and we used an old brown scarf to wrap Lexandry in. Lexandry had just turned 2 months when we took the pictures, so it was hard to get him to smile when we wanted him to. Is very important that the baby is fed and well rested before the photo shoot, to make it fun and enjoyable for both baby and whoever is taking the picture. IMG_2775For the second pose, we used 2 pillows and a couple of  blankets to elevate and accommodate Lexandry’s body. We also used a soft blanket to cover the pillows. The pictures were taken in the morning, to take advantage of the natural light.

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