Summer days in July

My mom and I decided to do the beach theme to represent the summer, for Lexandry’s three-month photoshoot.  We also took pictures honoring 4th of July, which I’ll include at the end of the post. 2016-02-12 00.36.582016-02-12 00.35.42My mom usually buys her background on Amazon or Ebay. We used a brown blanket to represent the sand. The umbrella is from a craft center here in New York called Lady Jane. The beach ball and toys are from a 99 cent store. Lexandry felt uncomfortable with the sunglasses. 2016-02-12 00.38.15

Setting up for the pictures takes time. We like to take picture in the morning to take advantage of the natural light, which I believe is the most important element in taking picture. I do not own a professional camera yet, so it is important to try and make the picture look as good as I possibly can. I do not like using too many filters, because I feel it makes the pictures look fake(sometimes).

4 th of July

My mom was alone with the baby for the fourth of July pictures, and it was difficult for her to do everything. We did not have much time to set up for fourth of July. We were busy preparing for our trip to Las Vegas. forth of july

The last picture was taken on the Fourth of July, at my aunt’s house where we went to celebrate.

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