Kiss me I’m Irish St.Patrick’s Day themed photos

On St.Patrick’s Day people, celebrate the life and death of St. Patrick.  St.patrick’s day is a cultural and religious holiday, which also celebrates the Irish culture. Since Lexandry will grow up in a multicultural city, my mom and I thought it would be fun to embrace the Irish holidays, and have Lexandry’s ten month photoshoot be based on St.Patrick’s day. My son and I are not of Irish descendent, but I love to learn and celebrate different cultures.  St.Patricks daykiss me im irishSt.Patricks DaySt.Patricks Day   St.Patricks Day St.Patrick's day

We buy most of our holiday themed clothes at Babies R Us and Carters. The basket is actually a pumpkin basket I used on halloween to collect candy. My mom saved at and painted it black. The trevol stickers and coins are from the 99 cent store. The pictures were taken by mom and my fiance. As always it is import for the baby to have fun during the photoshoot so we allow him to play with the decorations. I will say as Lexandry gets more mobile it becomes more difficult to take pictures.

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