Prince themed photo shoot for baby’s first month

I loved the idea of a prince themed photo shoot, so we used the idea for the first month.My fiance and I decided to take our first family photos together with, Lexandry’s first month photo shoot. Since Lexandry’s crown and quilt had blue and white, we decided to wear blue and white as well.P1 P6P5 For the first sets of photos, Lexandry was cranky. We had waited for over an hour for our turn. We stopped the photo shoot to feed him and change him.The photographer thought it would be a nice to take a photo me feeding Lexandry.

P8 P10

The last photos were all about my little prince. He was easy to work with after being feed. Also the photographer was great with him. The quilt with his name on it, was a gift from one of my cousins. My mom bought the crown at Etsy and the diaper cover at target.P21 P22 P23




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