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Baby monthly picture Collage

Even though it is my first time being a mommy, I knew Lexandry would grow up fast, and I wanted to keep each moment of his development documented. While writing this post, I looked at all his pictures to pick which pictures I would use, and I realize how much he has really grown during the past 13 months. I can actually remember some of the things that were happening in each month while looking back at his monthly pictures. I love taking these pictures even if it became a little challenging since Lexandry wouldn’t want to take any more pictures. Lexandry became more mobile as he grew older and wanted to be moving all the time, not stay still and smile.

1 month IMG_2668 My little bald baby. For Lexandry’s first month picture I barely caught him smiling. I was so tired I took about 15 pictures before getting a smile. The first set of pictures I was still figuring out what I wanted his monthly pictures to look like, but I love how they came out. I placed a teddy bear next to him to compare his height to the bears height. As we can see Lexandry was maybe 1 or 2 inches taller than the bear. Lexandry was wearing a long sleeve onesie because it was still cold in New York by the end of May. My mom bought Lexandry’s monthly stickers in Marshalls. The stickers came in four different colors yellow, blue, green, and orange. Since the first month sticker was blue, my mom bought the rest of the stickers light blue and dark blue on Etsy.

IMG_2837 2 months

I only took two pictures for his two months.We were planning our annual trip to Texas, so I didn’t have much time to plan the pictures. He was also a bit grumpy and tired. For his 2nd months, we started to use short sleeve onesies since it was already June. We try to keep his outfit  and background consistent so that it would look nice when we put all the pictures together.

3 months

IMG_3436 IMG_3437

For his 3rd month, Lexandry was all smiles and bigger by the minute. I loved this time. I was enjoying being a mother, more than ever. I had learned so much about my sweet little boy, and we were having so much fun together. As before I kept the outfit and background consistent.

4 monthsIMG_4044


For his 4th month, Lexandry was moving more and even learning to clap. He was also learning to turn, so he continues to try to turn while I was taking pictures. I was going back to College when he turned 4 months and it was hard for me to leave him. These pictures remind me of that time when I had to let go and the changes that came with it.

5 months

Lexandry’s was real to play with the teddy bear. he was playful and all smiles during the picture-taking. It took my mom and I so long to get a picture of him looking up and not moving the bear.

6 months 6 months

For his 6th month, i just let Lexandry play with the teddy bear and have fun. I loved watching play and smile. We took over 40 pictures of him and even a video. Every time we would put the teddy bear next to him, he would grab it and laugh. His hands were always holding the bear.

7 months 7 months

I love to see him grow and play. After Lexandry started turning and sitting it became a lot harder to take pictures, but way more fun. At seven months we changed his onesies once again to long sleeve shirts. It was November and it was getting cold.

8 months 8 months

At 8 months we took Lexandry to the Dominican Republic for the second time, and we had so much fun with our family. Every month picture of Lexandry reminds me of a new chapter in his life, and I love going back to those days.

9 months

9 months

9 months

After 9 months Lexandry started to crawl. I could get him to stay still for the pictures, but I loved them.  Seeing him happy truly makes me happy, and if playing with the bear and moving made him happy it also made me happy. I loved recording those moments.

10 months 10 months

At 10 months, Lexandry didn’t want to play with the bear anymore. He was a little more calm, but he didn’t want to take pictures. He wanted to play with his toys and be on the floor crawling. He was still all smiles.

11 months 11 months

At 11 months he was so big. He was always on the floor trying to walk. He still doesn’t walk but he still tries to be independent.

12 months 12 months

At 12 months Lexandry did not want to stay still at all. In the picture, you can see that he is holding something. He was holding a small Vick’s Vapor Rub he found on my night stand, and he wouldn’t let go of it.

I loved taking pictures of Lexandry, and it wasn’t easy sometimes. Sometimes he would not want to take pictures, or we would take pictures way after the month has passed. I loved the results of lexandry’s monthly pictures, and I hope it inspires others to do the same, you won’t regret it.

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