First Family Vacation to Las Vegas

Our first family vacation to Las Vegas. It was my second time visiting Las Vegas, and Abel and Lexandrys’ first time. I seriously love Vegas, especially at night. My brother lived in Vegas, so we stayed at his place. On our first day, we bought water and diaper for Lexandry, and stayed in and relax.

vegas 2 family in vegas  The next day we decided to go out at around 7 p.m. when the sun went down. We walked down the Las Vegas Strip Boulevard for about two hours.  We didn’t do much, since it was late and the baby was with us. Lexandry was too little at the time to really appreciate the trip.

dateDowntown las vegasMy mom stayed with the baby on the third day, and Abel and I went on our first date after having the baby. We started the night in Downtown Las Vegas. I had never been to Downtown Las Vegas and it is really beautiful at night. We bought a big strawberry daiquiri to drink while we walked. There are many activities in Las Vegas, but we were tired most of our trip. Lexandry was cranky because of the weather, and he did not sleep well. Before the night ended we went to Las Vegas Strip to play in the Casino. At 11 p.m. we walked to the Bellagio Resort to catch the 11:30 water show.On our last day in Las Vegas we went to Los Angeles, California. Going to Los Angeles was a dream come true to me. I mention our trip to California in the post below.


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