Frog themed photos for baby’s five month

For Lexandry’s  fifth month photo shoot, my mom and I planned the little frog theme. My cousin(his godmother) calls Lexandry “zapito” which means little frog in spanish, and that’s where the idea came from. We started to look for ideas on Pinterest before he was younger than five-months, but we thought the photos might look better when he was older.  Is so much fun to take photos of Lexandry as he gets older, because he can sit and turn and enjoy the process. Is also easier to get him to smile and look at the camera. We usually like to give him something to play with, so that he has fun while we take the pictures. After the photo shoot if he is wearing something comfortable, as he was wearing for this photo shoot, we let him play with the toys. IMG_5443 IMG_5455 little frogWe bought the frogs at a dollar store, and the hat at Etsy. I filled a basket with pillows and blankets to accommodate Lexandry. The brown background is my bed’s headboard, as you can see in this last picture.Frog The last picture was actually the first picture taken, when we were setting up for the pictures.

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