Be my Valentine: Valentine’s Day themed photoshoot

February was another wonderful month with great ideas for Valentine’s Day. I had the idea for the first set of pictures from before he was born. I had seen different ideas on Pinterest. We took many pictures and these were my favorite. Lexandry wore the same outfit from Christmas. My mom and I thought the red pants and bow tie would look nice with the red sign. My mom painted the letters. 2016-02-12 01.10.11image

The second photo shoot was all my mom’s idea. She was the one to create the kissing booth. My mom always asks for my ideas on what I want, but she is very creative.  As I said before I’m the one to take the pictures and help her create the scenarioimage image image

This picture was taken the same day we took the kissing booth photos. We just like to play around with backgrounds and decorations, to see what we like best. I think this pose would be a good idea for a younger child, because I feel that Lexandry was a little too big for the box.

This last picture is also great idea for a small baby.2016-02-12 01.11.48

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