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There were several things that became essential for my newborn, that I wished I knew before giving birth. There are so many items I bought I wished I hadn’t , and there are others I wished I had bought before.  Today I will be sharing those things that because essential for my newborn, as well as a couple of items that were essential to me. My son Lexandry is now 13 months old and I would like to share the things I considered essential for both Lexandry and me during the first few weeks.

Being a new mom was an amazing, yet very stressful experience. I thought I was doing everything wrong. I would call everyone I knew, with children, to ask for advice. After a while, I started to get to know my son more and more. Once you get to know your baby, things become a bit easier, for the both of you. You will understand what your baby wants and needs.

Bassinet or infant portable sleeper: The newborn baby might feel insecure in his/hers new environment. The womb is pretty tight and warm, compare to a crib. My sister-in-law recommended me to use an infant portable bed to place in the crib for the baby’s first month,to help the baby feel secure in his own crib. The portable bed can also be placed on the bed so that the baby can sleep safely with the parents. Abel and I did not want the baby to get used to sleeping with us, so we decided to leave the portable bed in his crib.

Before going to work Abel would place the portable bed in the bed next to me. Lexandry shared the room with Abel and me for the first year and we couldn’t fit both the crib and a bassinet in our room. I didn’t buy a bassinet because I live in a small apartment in New York City.

Milk powder formula dispenser: My breast milk dried out at exactly one month after giving birth. I did give my Lexandry both breast milk and formula. After the first month, I would prepare the milk dispenser and three bottles of water. I got the baby used to room temperature milk so that it would be easier for the both us. I would always prepare the formula milk dispenser to use at home during the day. It was so convenient to have everything ready. Lexandry does not really cry often unless he is hungry or tired, and by having his milk half way ready, made both us happy.

Disposable diaper bags: I bought my disposable diaper bags at BabiesRUS together with the disposable bag dispenser. Everywhere I went I had disposable bags with me. I always felt concern about changing the baby when we visited friends and families because I knew they might be a concern with the smell. The disposable bags kept the smell trap and made everything seem less messy.

Feeding or support pillow: This is one of the things I wish I had bought since the beginning. The first month postpartum was the most tiring of all as a mother. My body was still recovering from childbirth and my arms were tired and sore from carrying the baby. After three months my mom gave me a feeding and support pillow to hold the baby. A family friend talked to me about the pillow and how it could be used to help me hold the baby while feeding, to place the baby on his belly for tummy time and to teach him to sit once he was ready. As the name implies the pillow provides support for the baby’s body.

Baby carrier: My first baby carrier was the K’Tan wrap in black. I didn’t like the K’Tan because the fabric is really thick and both the baby and I would be sweating while wearing it. At 6 month Lexandry was going to the Dominican Republic for the first time with my mom, and I decided to buy another baby carrier to make it easier on my mom since she was traveling alone with him.

The second baby carrier I bought was the Ergo baby carrier, which I still use now. I love the Ergo baby carrier because is comfortable and practical. Before buying a baby carrier read all you can on baby carriers, being a new mom I knew nothing about babies and I had to learn the hard way. Also, try the baby carrier before using it with the baby, to make sure you understand how it works and so that you know how to place the baby properly. The baby carrier can also help you get things done around the house if your baby is like mine and only wants to be carried.

Waterproof mattress covers: The waterproof covers are a lifesaver for both the baby and the mattress. The cover does not only protects from urine, it also protects the mattress from vomit and saliva. Lexandry drools while sleeping ever since he was a newborn, and after a while, the saliva got trapped in the sheets, but the covers didn’t allow the saliva to get to the mattress. I bought two waterproof covers so that the mattress is always protected.

Gas relief drops: baby having gas pain is the worse. Lexandry started having gas pain when he was about a week and a half old. I felt so bad seeing my baby in pain. I didn’t know what was wrong with him, but he couldn’t sleep and wouldn’t stop crying. After almost two days of no sleep, I call his doctor and he recommended gas relief drops. After giving Lexandry the gas relief drops he was able to sleep. I also changed his formula from Enfamil Premium to Enfamil Gentleast.

Mittens and teething mitten: I gave birth to Lexandry by the end of April, and did not think it was necessary to keep his little hands cover with baby mittens. I started to use mittens on Lexandry because he would scratch his face and cut himself with his fingernails. I started using the Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten when Lexandry turned 3 months. Lexandry gums were already itching him by 3 months and he used his hands to eases the itch. I saw Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten and decided to try it to help Lexandry with the itch, and he loved it.

For circumcise newborn boys

Diaper rash cream and Gauze: If you are having a boy and your baby is getting circumcise is important to have these two things handy. After the circumcision, the nurse gave me A and D cream which is a cream use for diaper rash.  After ever diaper change I had to apply the cream and gauze on his penis. I had to repeat the same process until the wound healed, which didn’t really take too long. I used about 3 of the A and D tubes and plenty of gauzes. I ran out of the cream and gauze the day after coming home from the hospital, and I had to buy more. If I had known I need those two products for the healing process I would have bought it before.

For moms

Bath rope: yep a bath rope was essential for me during the first weeks postpartum. I didn’t have time to do anything really and I was exhausted most of the time. A bath rope covers you up quickly, is comfortable, and gives quick access to the breasts while breastfeeding. My mom gave me all the bath ropes I have while I was pregnant and I lived in them while I was at home.

Disposable nursing pads: Whether you breastfeed or not, nursing pads are essential. After milk came I only had about 6 nursing pads I had received as a gift after buying nursing bras. The next morning after my milk came in I was soaked in milk. I didn’t know the milk would spill while I was asleep. I had to wear nursing pads during the day and  at night.

Down below I have provided a link to my post which I provide tips on how to take care postpartum. Feel free to comment on the post and ask any questions about my tips on newborn essentials. Thanks for stopping by.

Postpartum Care after vaginal delivery


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